Q: Do you carry Public Liability Insurance?

A: Yes Bouncy Parties carries £5 million pounds in full Public Liability Insurance.

You can view our certificate here!

Q: Can you provide an Invoice / Receipt for my hire?

A: Yes we run everything 100% above board and so yes should you need a receipt or invoice simply let us know and one will be taken alone on delivery.

Q: What hire period do the rates on the website cover?

A: The rate reflect a days hire should you need the unit overnight then you can do for an additional £30. Please note these rates cannot be subsidised for parties that last 2-3hrs due the difficulty of re-booking the unit and transporting it to a secondary venue these are the set rates we have for all events.

Q: How much space do I need to leave for the castle?

A: There must be a minimum of an additional 4ft at front & back of the castle (for the blower and easy access) and we recommended that there is an additional 2ft on either side of the castle. Please also ensure that there is enough room to bring the castle to the area where you would like it set up, as a trolley is used and the castles are bulky and heavy especially the scramblers.

Q: Do you do both indoor & outdoor events?

A: Yes, for outdoor events rain covers / sun shades are provided for the all arched and enclosed castles which is suitable in event of light rain.

Q: Is VAT applicable or included to the prices on the site?

A: No, being a small business VAT is not applicable and so the prices you see on the website are the prices you pay.

Q: Are there any booking charges or cancellation fees?

A: No a booking deposit is not required, and cancellations or re-scheduled bookings are allowed via phone up until 2hrs before the start of your booking date at NO CHARGE Please note that there is a £25.00 fee if you cancel at the door.

Q: Do you require a deposit on the day I hire your facilities?

A: Yes a £50.00 cash deposit is required, which will be returned to you at the end of your event, so long as there is no damage or loss to the equipment. We simply ask that our equipment is in the same condition than when it was left with you.

Q: Can I hire a castle and charge a pay per play system?

A: Yes but we strongly recommend that you take out your own Public Liability Insurance for your event in case of injury. We also ask that you do not add posters or other promotional materials on our castles without permission.

Q: Do you offer “package deals”?

A: Yes if you’re looking to hire 2-3 or more units for a party, school fair etc we can offer package rates for taking multiple units at the same time. For a quote simply select the units you’re interested in and pop us an email at: info@kidskastles.com and within 24-48hrs a subsidised rate will be forwarded to you.

Q: Can you provide supervisors for my event?

A: Yes with sufficient notice a supervisor can be provided for £70 a day (day = max 6hrs).

Q: When is payment due and which methods do you accept?

A: Payment is required at the start of your booking via cash or cheque.

Q: When do you require the payment and deposit?

A: Both are required at the start of your hire period.

Q: Can you set up the castle upstairs?

A: Not really, as the castle can only be safely moved using a trolley, although a few steps are manageable. Before booking please do ensure that there is sufficient room to get the castle to the area that you’d like it set up.

Q: How safe are the castles that you supply?

A: Very safe. All our castles are in great condition and are covered with Public Liability Insurance. .

Q: What time do you deliver and collect the castles?

A: Deliveries and collections times are flexible, although typically delivery is made around 9:00am and midday collections made from 6:00pm onwards. Later collections between 9pm and 10pm have a £10 charge and collection the following morning has a £30 premium.  This is due to dampness of the castle and needs us to thoroughly dry out.

Q: If I were to tip the driver does he get to keep it?

A: Yes should you feel inclined to tip the driver then we can assure you that he gets to keep it.

Q: Is your equipment clean?

A: Yes all of our castles are routinely cleaned.  We do ask that if you do make a mess on our equipment, that you clean it up as quickly and safely as possible with water no abrasives or strong cleaners, if there is substantial mess, a cleaning charge may have to be taken out of your deposit.